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Free Offline Dictionary for Personal and Professional Use

While online dictionaries are quite useful, what happens in the event that you do not possess an Internet connection? This application provides you with quick and streamlined offline access when it is needed the most.

A Host of Supported Languages and More

U-Dictionary will provide you with immediate access to more than 30 languages. Like similar applications, you can access the definitions of words and short phrases. However, the major difference is that this electronic dictionary allows you to hone your skills through the use of periodic quizzes and grammar games. It therefore represents a much more fun and interactive option. Another interesting feature is that you can confirm definitions via official sources such as Wikipedia or Collins Dictionary.

An All-Inclusive Guide

U-Dictionary can be used by novices and experts alike due to its dynamic layout. Some other features include images within definitions, contextual guides, a drop-down language menu and quick translation options (ideal when out and about). It is possible to listen to the pronunciation of a word if an Internet connection is available.


  • An excellent number of features for a free offline dictionary.
  • The inclusion of user-friendly tests is a great way to improve exiting skills.


  • The user might be required to download additional dictionaries (depending on the language).
  • The pronunciation feature is only available when an Internet connection is present.

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U-Dictionary 4.5.1 for Android

User reviews about U-Dictionary

  • nermin mohamed

    by nermin mohamed

    my favorite translator and i want translate alot of words

  • ahmed hemdan

    by ahmed hemdan

    its helping me remember words by using pictures & using explain for the words meaning and sentences.

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